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REAP founders Jennifer and Jeremy Rhett

REAP: Reading is Essential for All People

REAP was born out of a passion to help struggling readers. Jennifer and Jeremy Rhett are the parents of dyslexic children, and they felt the need to use their small business to give back to the community, specifically struggling readers. Carla Stanford—friend, neighbor and a public school teacher for 20 years—worried over the young readers who moved on without solid reading skills.

Their friendship and shared passions led the three to create REAP. They knew that with the right tools in their teaching toolbox our dedicated public school teachers could make good readers great readers, and struggling readers into strong readers.

As of Summer 2014 REAP is still 100% volunteer and all operations expenses are covered by CertaPro Painters of Atlanta so that every dollar donated goes directly into training and development for these teachers.

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Reading is Essential for All People Inc. as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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