Executive Director, Founder

Jennifer Rhett

Jennifer Rhett is a mother of three, a small business owner, and the Executive Director of Reading is Essential for All People (REAP). Jennifer co-founded REAP in 2013 after discovering that 32% of 4th graders in GA are not able to read at a basic level. She serves on the board of the National Coalition for Reading Excellence and works with organizations across the country to bring a stronger foundation of reading instruction to public school teachers. Jennifer currently resides in Decatur, Georgia and has been working closely with educators and volunteers to improve reading proficiency in public school students across Metro Atlanta.

Vice President, Director of Education, Founder

Carla Stanford

Carla Stanford co-founded REAP in 2013 as a way to help all children learn to read. She has been educating children for 20 years. Carla’s special passion is unlocking the potential within struggling readers and developing the love of reading in all the children she teaches.

Several years ago, after earning “Teacher of the Year” in her school district, Carla used her award money to pay her tuition for specialized training in the foundations of reading (Orton-Gillingham). Right away she witnessed the positive impact this teaching methodology had on her students, and she truly understands its value and its potential. As a fellow educator, Carla knows that public school teachers work very hard to reach all their readers, especially those who struggle. She wants all public school teachers to have the opportunity to take part in this valuable training so they can have the tools to make all their students stronger, more confident readers.

Board Member, Founder

Jeremy Rhett

Surrounded by struggling readers his entire life, Jeremy recognized at a young age that 1980’s educators were not equipped with the proper tools for all learning styles. As a father of three he was surprised to learn that 21st century teachers are still having difficulties reaching many of their students.

As a CertaPro Painters franchise owner, Jeremy attended the 2013 national CertaPro conference and was inspired by its message: use your business to drive a personal passion in your community. He and wife, Jen, spent the eight-hour return trip from the conference crafting the plan for REAP. With the support of reading specialist Carla Stanford, the three immediately began their mission to impact reading instruction on a large scale. Jeremy serves on the board of REAP and continues to lead the CertaPro Painters business, which covers the operating expenses for REAP.

Board Member

Jody Goldfarb

Board Member

Sheri Hardy

Board Member

Susan Moody

Susan has a long-standing track record of working on behalf of public-school children. She is a member of the Georgia State Advisory Panel for Special Education, which advises the Georgia Department of Education Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports on the provision of special education and related services for students with disabilities. Susan also serves as the Special Education Committee Chair for E. Rivers Elementary, an Atlanta Public School.  Susan is a classically-trained chef, and has leveraged that knowledge and experience on behalf of children and families facing food-security issues through Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry initiative.