Testimonials from Educators

Quotes from teachers in REAP’s program

“I feel like for the last 16 years of teaching literacy that I have needed the understandings of language and ways to tackle those struggling readers in a direct way that this training has provided for me.”

“I now have a better understanding that ALL students, not just struggling readers, need this piece to be successful readers AND writers.”

What was lacking from my reading lessons was the mechanics of the language.  This training has completed my reading puzzle!”

“I feel like this was the missing link between what I knew about reading instruction/reading workshop and what my struggling readers truly needed to be successful.”

“This training has strengthened my ability to diagnose what individual students are struggling with as readers and how I can help them overcome that gap.”

“All teachers deserve to know about this approach.  Without it, many students will slip through the cracks or move up the grades without the appropriate reading assistance to be successful readers.”

“I have been blown away by the effectiveness of this approach.”

“These strategies can be implemented to push students who are high achievers as well as giving those struggling readers the support to become successful.”

“Every parent deserves to have a teacher who can meet their individual child’s reading needs.”

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