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Want to watch REAP training in action?

Some REAP followers have asked to come see our summer work in person. We’re very excited that this summer we’re working with 60 teachers in our Educator Level Training and 20 teachers in our Advanced Training. Even better, we’re serving 80 students in our Summer Reading Camps!

Jen RhettWant to watch REAP training in action?
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What Doesn’t Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon

“The number one concern that I hear from educators is lack of time, particularly lack of instructional time with students,” says Nell K. Duke, Ed.D., Professor, University of Michigan. “I encourage you to scrutinize your use of instructional time minute by minute. If a practice is used because we’ve always done it that way or because parents expect it, it’s especially worthy of a hard look.” Her article on outlines some familiar practices that can be ineffective or even counter productive:

  • Looking up words on lists
  • Prizes for reading
  • Weekly spelling tests
  • Unsupported independent reading
  • Taking away recess.

Read the article on

Jen RhettWhat Doesn’t Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon
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See how you made a difference in 2016

Thank you to everyone who has donated money, time and support to REAP in 2016. With your help, we’ve provided training for 30 teachers in Atlanta Public Schools, 30 teachers in Fulton County Schools, and all the certified teachers at APS Burgess-Peterson Elementary.

We also provided 20 struggling readers with a week-long intensive reading camp in Decatur while REAP-trained teachers practiced their skills.

This slideshow gives you a glimpse at what the training is like, and shows how the teachers work with students to build crucial reading skills.

watch the slideshow on YouTube

Jen RhettSee how you made a difference in 2016
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Can you help us reach our $30,000 year-end goal?

We’re launching a campaign to spread the word about REAP’s goals to improve literacy in public school students. Train | Teach | Read is the very essence of what we do.

We train public school teachers in Orton-Gillingham, which gives them a variety of skills and tools to teach reading more effectively, and to break through to struggling readers.

We teach the teachers how to implement these skills and tools in a public school classroom. They teach their students to read using systematic, phonics-based, multisensory instruction.

The students learn to read using skills and strategies that build a solid reading foundation. Struggling readers become confident readers and good readers become even stronger.

So far we’ve trained hundreds of public school teachers in metro Atlanta, and there are many more that need this training to build stronger readers in their schools. We need your help to continue to provide teachers with this free, high-quality training.

Can you help us meet our year-end goal of $30,000? Every dollar counts! Your donation will help enable us to impact 1,150 readers.

Donate now

learn more about supporting REAP

Jen RhettCan you help us reach our $30,000 year-end goal?
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Kay W. Cantrell Foundation = Teacher Training Year Two

REAP is truly grateful for the very generous donation of $20,000 from the Kay W. Cantrell Foundation. The funds are dedicated to year two of REAP’s work with K-5 teachers and students at Burgess-Peterson Academy. REAP is impacting over 380 students at Burgess-Peterson each year.

Jen RhettKay W. Cantrell Foundation = Teacher Training Year Two
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REAP is training an entire school!

In July of 2016, REAP kicked off a partnership with Burgess-Peterson Academy in the Atlanta Public School system. This is REAP’s first school-wide training program.

All certified Burgess teachers will attend a year-long Orton-Gillingham training program. The OG program will include coursework, modeling, grade-level planning, practical application workshops and observation days.

As part of the training, Burgess teachers and administrators will observe REAP Literacy Leaders as they model whole-group OG lesson in each grade. After modeling the lessons, the REAP Literacy Leader meets with each grade level to review and answer teacher questions. Together they discuss next lessons and learn how to integrate the language arts standards into their OG lessons.

Jen RhettREAP is training an entire school!
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Get your REAP gear now on CafePress

Just in time for gift giving, REAP now has its very own shop on CafePress. We have a variety of items in five fun, colorful designs to celebrate our Train | Teach | Read campaign. The shop features something for everybody:

  • Mugs, travel mugs and shopping/tote bags
  • Shirts for women, men, teens and kids
  • Mousepads, magnets and stickers

REAP CafePress items

So buy some cool stuff and support REAP at the same time! The profits from every purchase go to support our teacher training programs.

Visit the REAP Swag Shop:

Jen RhettGet your REAP gear now on CafePress
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Five Steps to help a struggling reader

Dr. Lorna Kaufman has written a book called Smart Kid, Can’t Read: Five Steps Any Parent Can Take to Get Help. Dr. Kaufman is both a reading expert and a developmental psychologist. She  has served as president of the Massachusetts Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.

Her most important advice: “Get a comprehensive, diagnostic evaluation from an independent specialist–someone who will make recommendations based on your child’s individual needs. You must have an understanding of your child’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses.”

Jen RhettFive Steps to help a struggling reader
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REAP featured in 11 Alive story about APS Burgess-Peterson Academy

Thank you 11Alive for this great piece on REAP work at Atlanta Public School Burgess-Peterson Academy! Jennifer Leslie with WXIA-TV shares the story of REAP’s first-ever school-wide teacher training program.

Principal David White calls the move a game changer.

“I didn’t learn as a teacher how to teach children specific phonics skills, how to decode words and make sense of letters and sounds,” White told 11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie. “And I’m not alone in that.”

Read the story and check out the video at

Jen RhettREAP featured in 11 Alive story about APS Burgess-Peterson Academy
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Soapbox Derby to benefit REAP Oct. 1, 2016

The Decatur Minute reports that the 6th annual Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby hits the street on Saturday, Oct. 1 in Decatur. This year REAP has been selected to receive 100% of the proceeds raised by the Derby. The funds will support REAP’s efforts to improve reading proficiency in Georgia students by training public school teachers.

REAP has grown quickly since its initial training of 12 teachers in 2013. Since then REAP has trained more than 250 public school teachers to help students become more successful readers. Like REAP, the The Derby has also grown quickly, from 20 drivers in 2011 to 100 drivers in 2015.

This is a BIG event and they will need help from friends of REAP. Stay tuned for ways to help REAP support the Derby!

Register for the race:

Read the article by Renae in the Decatur Minute

Photo by Jonathan Phillips

Jen RhettSoapbox Derby to benefit REAP Oct. 1, 2016
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